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Hopefully you can help me

Took my autistic son Kevin, to his neurologist on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013, and she wanted to change his seizure medicine just because he only had one seizure so far this year.

The medicine she wanted to give him she states that he will never have another seizure again.

She knows that he can only do liquids because he has a problem swallowing

So I took the prescription to my local pharmacy and the pharmacist told me that the prescription was for to take pills three times a day(see below what occurred when the pharmacist spoke to the doctor)

How *** can a doctor be!!

I told her that I wanted to be able for my son to take the medicine just like he was taking his original one, but she stated that even if it was changed to liquid it would be a lower doze and still 3 times a day

Why change his medicine, I want him to be on his original one but she stated it could not be done

Now I only have enough original medicine to get me through July

My son is on Medicaid

There are not too many doctors that I know of that take Medicaid in my area of Queens

So when the pharmacist got off the phone with her, he could not believe what she said to him

That if I could not give my son the new medicine three times a day to find someone who could

If anyone knows where I can complain about this doctors attitude I would greatly appreciate it

I do not know what to do!!

Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks So Much

Beth Billig-718-380-2124

Oh by the way her name is:

Hind Kettani

182-19 Horace Harding Expressway

Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

718-670-2903 —

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